The 2024 ITS World Congress, themed ‘Mobility Driven by ITS,’ offers a comprehensive exploration of pivotal areas shaping the future of mobility. Clean Mobility and Innovation in Mobility & Logistics will be two key topics in the Congress’ Technical Programme, focusing on the creation and deployment of smart and sustainable ITS solutions.

Advancing Cleaner Mobility

Clean mobility, with its emphasis on eco-friendly transportation, is a cornerstone in reducing emissions and energy consumption. The adoption of electric vehicles, improvements in public transportation systems, and the promotion of active modes such as cycling and walking are some of the strategies being used to mitigate the negative impact of traditional transport. However, delivering the full potential of such solutions requires collaboration among stakeholders, including governments, urban planners, and businesses. Importantly, the end users must be incentivised to use the solutions offered, and this necessitates that all solutions are convenient, affordable and accessible to all.

This category invites submissions on Clean Mobility, covering a range of topics such as digital twin technology for enhanced transportation efficiency, charging infrastructure development, policy and regulatory considerations, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) adoption, education and public awareness initiatives, circular economy principles, and the migration path to zero-emission mobility.

Innovation in Mobility & Logistics

The modernisation of transportation through innovation in mobility and logistics is marked by an unwavering focus on efficiency and sustainability. This transformation is driven by the integration of advanced analytics, AI-driven algorithms, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Technologies indeed optimise various aspects of logistical operations, from route planning and inventory management to last-mile delivery, ensuring precision and speed.

Submissions in this category are encouraged to address crucial questions, such as harnessing data from global freight platforms to enhance operations in ports, rail terminals, and airports. Additionally, exploration of how the industry can leverage mobility innovations to align with societal needs is paramount. Submissions are also invited to delve into the potential of digitalisation and electrification in freight deliveries for the direct reduction of CO2 emissions.

Beyond these key issues, we also welcome submissions exploring the roles of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data in the logistics sector, along with considerations related to cybersecurity, autonomous delivery robots, and the resilience of global supply chains.

The Call for Contribution is now open and accepting submissions, and we welcome researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders to actively take part by submitting their papers and proposals before 15 December 2023.


The Government of Dubai requires event organisers to obtain a speaker permit for all presenters (speakers and moderators) at the 2024 ITS World Congress 60 days prior to the event. The submission deadline for the Technical Programme is therefore unlikely to be extended. Submit your contributions by 15 December!

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