First complete package for connection to Catena-X: T-Systems brings manufacturers and suppliers into the data ecosystem of the automotive industry. The technical basis is a data room based on the guidelines of Gaia-X and the International Data Space Association (IDSA). Customers register once with Catena-X – T-Systems takes care of everything else. The IT service provider advises customers, connects participants and accelerates data exchange. This makes T-Systems the first service provider in the world with an IDSA-certified end-to-end offering for Catena-X on the market. The offer is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large corporations. 

T-Systems’ offering includes consulting and the “Connect” and “Integrate” building blocks. “Connect” establishes the data connection. Prices for this start at 29 euros per month. “Integrate” automates data exchange: T-Systems extracts the data from the companies’ IT systems, translates the data into Catena-X format and transmits the data. This process applies to both sending and receiving.

With Catena-X, participants always retain data sovereignty. Catena-X is not another database, Catena-X connects participants who exchange data. This is becoming more and more important in industries with many suppliers and legal requirements such as the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

Source: First certified complete offer for connection to Catena-X – T-Systems