Flickr: Michael Day

Flickr: Michael Day

VTT  is coordinating a Pan-European Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project called MAASiFiE (Mobility As A Service For Linking Europe). The goal is to create the prerequisites for organising user-oriented and ecological mobility services. Based on that, it aims to provide consumers with flexible, efficient and user-friendly mobility services covering multiple modes of transport on a one-stop-shop principle.

MAASiFiE is a two-year project, which, in addition to mobility services, is investigating the opportunities of combining passenger and freight transport operations, especially with respect to urban delivery and distribution in rural areas.

The project is funded by the Conference of European Directors of Roads and the following CEDR member countries: Finland, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and Austria. Other consortium partners include Chalmers University of Technology and AustriaTech. The steering committee consists of the Finnish Transport Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Take part in the MaaS survey!

At the moment, there is a MaaS State of the Art Survey open until 5 November 2015. Participe and contribute to narrow down what MaaS stands for and what are the priorities that should guide the MAASiFiE project. Previous knowledge of MaaS is not required, as the purpose of the survey is to map the understanding of the MaaS concept in order to develop a roadmap.

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