The European Commission has launched a Digital Transport and Logistics Forum to see how digital technologies can boost EU growth, competitiveness and jobs.

The Forum will aim to further digitalise freight transportation and logistics, provide recommendations and work on their implementation over the next three years.

It will bring together Member States and stakeholders from transport and logistics communities to identify challenges and areas where common action across the EU is needed.

The Forum will hold plenary meetings two to three times a year. Experts will also meet in technical working groups to address specific barriers to the digitalisation of freight transport and logistics.

Among the areas that are likely to be discussed are data access, infrastructure, protection and standardisation.

A call for applications has been launched to look for eligible organisations who want to participate in the Forum. A maximum of 110 participating organisations is foreseen. The deadline to apply is 17 May 2015.

Original author: Lewis Macdonald
Photo: Carl Spencer