TASS International and CETECOM announced today that they have signed a cooperation agreement to provide a comprehensive validation service of cooperative driving and connected vehicle technologies on both functional and communication level.

Cooperative and connected driving technologies promise to revolutionize road traffic by reducing accidents, casualties, congestion and pollution. The combination of TASS International’s automotive expertise and CETECOM’s telecommunication expertise results in a strong proposition towards the international automotive industry which is currently preparing to bring cooperative and connected systems to the market.

Within the cooperation, TASS International emphasizes on offering simulation solutions for virtual development and verification of connected and cooperative technologies on functional level. Moreover, TASS International has worldwide accredited labs and test sites for evaluation, validation and homologation of components, full vehicles as well as cooperative systems. TASS International’s global network of engineering teams near automotive industry hotspots will be used to support customers with development methodologies based on computer simulation, HIL simulation, indoor laboratory testing as well as outdoor testing on test tracks and public roads.

CETECOM’s focus within the partnership is on certification, conformity assessment and type approval services for communication technologies. CETECOM has worldwide accredited labs for communication-, EMC- and environmental testing as well as application-, conformity-, performance-, IOP- and security tests. CETECOM also offers services with respect to quality assurance and verification of business critical systems in operating mode (i.e. managed services).

“There is an increasing need to test and validate cooperative and connected systems and services that are close to deployment in Europe, North America and Asia”, says Jan van den Oetelaar, Managing Director of TASS International. “The combination of TASS International and CETECOM facilities and expertise offers the capabilities, know-how and experience to successfully perform these tests on both functional and communication levels, thus guaranteeing the performance and robustness of these systems”. “We are really looking forward to align our expertise in this field”, adds Wilfried Klassmann, CEO of CETECOM Group. “The technology and its guaranteed functionality is the main driver for connected driving to change road traffic as we know it today.”



About TASS International
TASS International (www.tassinternational.com) is an innovative software and services company with a strong R&D foundation through a close alliance with TNO. TASS International offers the transport industry a complete product portfolio for the development of safety and mobility systems. From its headquarters in The Netherlands and offices around the world, TASS International works closely with vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to provide dedicated solutions to complex safety and mobility challenges. The software package PreScan, test-lab VeHIL and test site DITCM Facilities focus on the design and validation of advanced driver assistance systems, connected vehicle systems and automated driving systems.

CETECOM (www.cetecom.com) is renowned as neutral, experienced partner of the telecommunications and information technology industries and offers a unique service portfolio which covers the entire life cycle of a mobile communications product, contributes to the smooth running of products and applications and ensures that they meet international standards. CETECOM’s portfolio includes consulting and training, development of test solutions, validation services, testing in accredited laboratories (LTE, WCDMA, GSM, Application Enabler, Mobile Payment, OTA Performance, and EMC), field trials, battery testing, certification, and approval handling. Being a member of numerous specialist bodies, CETECOM is also actively involved in the development and standardization of global specifications for future technologies.