The 5GMETA project aims to facilitate the use of road data by creating monetisation opportunities for different transport and mobility stakeholders. To accelerate the development of new CCAM services and applications, the 5GMETA consortium is working to build an open Platform that will function as a broker between data producers such as vehicles or road sensors and data consumers such as app providers.

A Platform to ride the change

Several studies confirm that car-related revenues will decline in the next few years, and that data-driven services will compensate for this decline in a couple of decades. It is expected that over the next decade, the annual incremental value from car data monetisation will reach between 230€ and 380€ billion.

Data owners directly monetise vehicle and road infrastructure data, while third parties monetise their own services and applications. The transition to a smarter world will rely upon vehicle data provided to inspire innovative applications and services that can transform and dramatically improve the day-to-day lives of users and businesses.

Why is the Platform innovative?

5G technology supports the last generation of mobile networks and is expected to bring a paradigm shift in ITS services and applications. The 5GMETA Platform offers an interesting solution, as it will provide mobility stakeholders with an instrument to leverage the changing automotive ecosystem. They will be able to subscribe to data flows that will be instrumental to their business strategies. Moreover, the 5GMETA Platform will ensure data privacy, security, interoperability, ownership.

This kind of service is still underdeveloped and offers great opportunities for developers and service providers. By entering this filed in its early stages, third parties will be able to exploit all the features of the 5GMETA Platform with little competition to pressure them.

The 5GMETA Second Hackathon and its first webinar

5GMETA is organising a Hackathon, the second of the project, that will take place in Lisbon in May during the ITS European Congress. It will allow participants to work on monetisation models by using the 5GMETA Platform. The project consortium is organising its first webinar to give out information about the Second 5GMETA Hackathon and understand what challenges 5GMETA experts will propose to participants.

This represents an incredible chance to be among the first forerunners to discover the innovative 5GMETA Platform and its features. The first webinar will be organised online at 15-15:30 on 15th February. In this webinar, the 5GMETA project’s experts will explain the main features and the functioning of the 5GMETA Platform.

Follow the link and register: spots are limited!


The 5GMETA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957360 (Innovation Action).