Validation of automated vehicle functions and technological components by means of safety assurance is one important step to fulfil the requirements of European and national automated driving regulations. This challenge requires a harmonised approach to the selection and qualification processes of simulation data and tools, as well as a common methodology to transfer the safety argumentation design (ODD, criticality, and functional test space) into the required test and simulation parameter variations to obtain the needed evidence.

The SUNRISE project’s mission is to lead the way in providing a harmonised and scalable CCAM Safety Assurance Framework that fulfils the needs of different automotive stakeholders. To achieve this, it is necessary to involve the largest number of experts and players from the automotive ecosystem.

SUNRISE project will exploit cooperation opportunities worldwide. Joint work has already started with the Japanese SAKURA and the German VVMethods. Dr Stephane Dreher, Senior Manager of Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO, opened the way to the project’s international engagement just a few weeks after the project was launched in September 2022 and presented SUNRISE in Vienna and Japan.

Building a cooperation platform

One prominent tool to reach out to a wide range of stakeholders is a cooperation platform that will be instrumental in facilitating and boosting international collaboration with partners worldwide.  SUNRISE recently launched a brand new website that will host the cooperation platform. The website will also function as a library in which information about the status of the project is stored, while also being a channel to promote and disseminate publications, reports, and technical papers.

The project aims not only to gather input from CCAM experts to develop effective scalable safety assurance methodologies and certifications, but also to expand its scope to the general public, since its end goal is to accelerate the successful adoption and deployment of CCAM systems in society. SUNRISE’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts will also actively promote the project’s achievements and engage with the wider CCAM community.

SUNRISE cooperation tools to boost safety assurance argumentation

Mr Stefan de Vries from Applus+ IDIADA, project coordinator, is enthusiastic about the launch of these new instruments and is looking forward to starting reaching out to relevant automotive players.

The broad online presence of SUNRISE is not limited to only informing the public about the project and it results; it will also enable people to actively become involved in the creation of the CCAM safety assurance framework, and to try some of the tools that will be developed,” Mr de Vries says.

The importance of finding common and harmonised approach for the fast deployment of CCAM systems cannot be stressed enough. ERTICO’s partnership and its extended stakeholders network will be crucial in supporting SUNRISE’s outreach efforts.