Kristofer Lidstroem from Halmstad University in Sweden claimed the top prize in the final of the CVIS Application Innovation Contest 2009 which was held at the 16th ITS World Congress in Stockholm. The second prize was taken by Lodgon Belgium and the two third prizes were given to Ygomi and CIT. The companies were awarded €200 €15000 and €7500 respectively.

Halmstad University took gold with a pedestrian safety system where the vehicle on detecting unpredictable driver behaviour informs the intelligent intersection. Both driver and pedestrian are warned either through the HMI displays in the car or on a mobile phone or by altering traffic light phases. The driver behaviour is compared to reference models implemented using a potential field approach.

Lodgon’s silver winning Vehicle Social Networking (VSN) application is a community service where the vehicle interacts with the local environment and the public internet for exchanging personal and location relevant information within a community of peers. Rather then checking all issues by hand the community can participate in identifying verifying and commenting on the reported issues. The system would also allow for location advertising to be inserted with a relevant context.

The two winning applications come from companies not belonging to the CVIS consortium and show the range of applications CVIS is supporting beyond efficiency and support of mobility. The CVIS concept can be extended to safety and infotainment applications. Halmstad University’s pedestrian crossing warning could greatly increase safety for vulnerable users such as pedestrians and bicycle drivers. Lodgon’s Vehicle Social Networking provides a community service based on vehicle to vehicle communications.
Ygomi/Connexis took the bronze prize for the evolving vehicle assistant an info-mobility service where parking lots could be points of interest. The service aims at optimising the travel and mobility experience of a driver evolving in a urban and sub-urban environment. Cork Institute of Technologies took the bronze prize to apply agent technology to cooperative systems and into the vehicular environment. The Commercial Vehicular Agent System (CVAS) is a framework which allows users in a vehicular environment to access location aware trust based services.

The CVIS application innovation contest which was launched in January 2009 aimed to assess the ability of companies external to the project to develop CVIS-compliant services. A large number of high-quality concepts were submitted. The best four submissions were invited to demonstrate their applications on the European Commission stand during the ITS World Congress in Stockholm.

After much deliberation the jury of CVIS experts form Daimler Swedish Road Administration and Telecom Italy selected the finalists. The gold silver and bronze applications were selected by the Congress visitors. The prizes were awarded in a ceremony presided by Juhani Jääskeläinen Head of Transport EC Directorate-General Information Society and Media.



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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010