The deployEMDS project has set up an Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG) to foster collaboration among its stakeholders, both within the project and beyond. The ISG will play a pivotal role in helping to develop innovative use cases, promoting knowledge exchange, and ensuring technical and governance developments meet private actors’ needs. On 7 June, the ISG officially kicked off its activities with an online workshop on the project overview, the purpose of the ISG and discussions around four topic areas.

The ISG focusses on addressing data availability in strategic areas including travel behaviour, autonomous driving, improved traffic management, multimodal integration, etc. The matchmaking platform is key to eliciting feedback from the ISG membership regarding their expectations and views  pertaining to potential benefits and opportunities. By helping to shape a future common European mobility data space, ISG members will also benefit from the collaboration with leading European businesses and organisations via:

  • Innovative solutions development
  • Enhanced market visibility
  • Policy and standards shaping
  • Access to industry organisations and platforms
  • Synergies with other pan-European innovation initiatives
  • Engagement in project activities

A diverse and dynamic kick-off

Close to 40representatives from different sectors joined the ISG’s inaugural meeting in early June,  including experts from SMEs, associations, start-ups and academia.

At the workshop, participants discussed four topic areas: data spaces, data tools & analytics; service/transit/traffic data provision; geospatial, safety and environmental data; stakeholder and customer interfaces e.g. route planning.

A report on the workshop discussions and conclusions is being finalised, which will be made available on the deployEMDS website.

What’s in store for the future

The ISG will boost its matchmaking activities with the deployEMDS stakeholders in the coming months. Co-creation workshops in collaboration with the project’s network of follower cities and partner cities will be held to develop use cases addressing concrete mobility challenges. Also in the pipeline are training sessions covering the EMDS vision, mobility data space building blocks (technical, business, governance and legal), and on ways to overcome the challenges in deploying local mobility data spaces and use cases. An introductory webinar on 23 July will launch the training programme. You can find more information on the project’s website.

About deployEMDS

The deployEMDS project supports the European Commission’s (EC) initiative on a common European mobility data space (EMDS) that aims to facilitate data access, pooling and sharing for more efficient, safe, sustainable and resilient transport. It builds on initiatives and applications related to transport data and will be supported by initiatives to boost interoperability, security, and the availability and provision of data and services in the mobility domain. The EC outlined its proposed way forward in its Communication on the creation of a common European mobility data space.

Aligned with the European data strategy and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, deployEMDS will support policymaking by enabling data sharing and reuse for efficient multimodal mobility and traffic management, as well as for measuring progress of sustainable urban mobility across Europe.  Following a use case approach, deployEMDS supports the EMDS initiative through nine local implementations in: Barcelona, Budapest, Flanders, Île -de-France, Lisbon, Milan, Sofia, Stockholm and Tampere. These locations will be the setting for 16 use cases which will focus on the following broad themes:

  • Data for mobility planning
  • Public transport operation
  • Multimodality
  • Speciality travel information

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