ERTICO – ITS Europe hosted its annual Activity Development Days (ADDs) online on the 24th of June, and in person at our offices in Brussels on the 26th of June.

This exclusive event, tailored for all premium members, provides a unique opportunity for open dialogue between the partners, aiming to define the ERTICO Partnership’s strategic priorities in alignment with the European Commission’s policy plans, but also prepare work on future proposals for the research & innovation (R&I) Calls.

The two-day event featured a comprehensive agenda focussing on the examination of the key topics within the Horizon Europe Work Programme for the forthcoming years. The discussions commenced on Monday, 24th June, featuring guest speakers from the European Commission, who shared with the partnership their insights on the European R&I priorities until the end of the world’s largest research programme, Horizon Europe. As per well established, the event has been organised by the ERTICO’s Innovation & Deployment team, with support from the office, and it has, as Vlad Vorotovic, Director of Strategy and Innovation at ERTICO observed “demonstrated the unique position of the partnership, connecting the mobility and transport stakeholders from the research sector, the industry and the public authorities, creating a unique mix which can, and it’s leading the innovation and deployment in European smart mobility landscape”.

In-person interactive workshops were held on Wednesday, 26th June, whereby the ERTICO’s Innovation & Deployment experts led the discussions with the interested members on the specific strategic topics. These topics were identified by the ERTICO office and corroborated by the partners through a dedicated survey.

ERTICO is presently involved and contributing to more than concurrent 29 projects, with a cumulative multi-annual budget exceeding EUR 442 million. This fact highlights the important role the partnership plays in advancing sustainable and smart mobility solutions across Europe.