“The eCall Journey” live demonstration at the ITS European Strasbourg 19-22 June 2017 showcased, for the first time ever, the potential of HGVs (hazardous goods vehicles) to trigger the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call service. The vehicle-to-control-room 112 eCall integrated satellite communications technology as part of the EU-funded I_HeERO project.

Demonstration vehicles including trucks and cars were on the stand equipped with e-Call and a demonstration system for the control room (PSAP) linked to Earth observation software.

The I_HeERO seeks to ensure that the EU Member States PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) are ready to handle 112 eCall by October 2016. 112 eCall technology will be mandatory for all types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sold in the EU after April 2018.

I_HeERO is conducting a series of studies to understand how vehicles not currently included within the eCall Regulation may benefit from this technology. The scenarios investigated include HGVs and the integration of next generation 112 eCall technologies.

The demo “The eCall Journey” highlights include:

  • eCall for HGVs and coaches
  • How eCall data is received in the PSAP
  • Improved situational awareness of First Responders utilising current Earth Observation Imagery to inform deployment decisions
  • eCall over Satellite Communication providing connectivity elsewhere
  • NG112 and how this would benefit eCall

About eCall for HGV 

The demonstration focused on trucks, but delegates attending the event were also briefed on the work of the consortium in the area of powered two-wheelers (motorcycles), buses and coaches.

Additional data (besides the Minimum Set of Data) is necessary for the emergency services to be effective. For HGV (including dangerous goods), information on the type and quantity of cargo is key, and external sources of information, for example, electronic documents such as e-CMR and e-ADR could be vital. For buses and coaches, the number of passengers would be very useful.

Read more about the eCall architecture of demo scenario for HGV in this leaflet I_HeERO HGV eCall leaflet

Demonstration Heavy Good Vehicles

112 eCall enhanced by satellite communication technology

The eCall demo provided continuity of service for data services over satellite and terrestrial communications technologies. The demonstration also showed examples of what may be included in next generation eCall to include eCall over IP, open PSAP solutions and for the first time a live demonstration of eCall over Satellite Communication for areas where there is no mobile coverage.

More information on the demo scenario can be found in this leaflet The eCall Journey demonstration

The demonstration was a success with very positive feedback from the visitors.


Catapult’s Jim Hammond explains the eCall enhanced by satellite communications to the
I_HeERO  Project Officer Pierpaolo Tona from INEA

The demonstration was organised by Satellite Applications Catapult, in cooperation with ERTICO – ITS Europe and IRU.

Additional highlights of I_HeERO demo @ ITS Congress Strasbourg: 

  • I_HeERO dedicated space/kiosk at the congress indoor exhibition area (part of the ERTICO stand). Visitors received first -hand information about the project
  • I_HeERO project: an example of European ITS deployment thanks to the CEF funding mechanism

The I_HeERO project was represented at the Special Interest Session17 – “CEF: Supporting real ITS implementation” that took place 20 June 2017.

The session was led by INEA, the Executive Agency in charge of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme. It provided insights on how INEA works, what CEF is and how it supports the deployment of ITS in the EU. Practical examples and work experiences were presented with beneficiaries of CEF funds and debated along with representatives of the European Commission.

The I_HeERO project is a good example of a CEF funded project and was presented by its Technical Implementation Officer, Andy Rooke, Senior Project Manager with ERTICO – ITS Europe.


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