The final reports of the taskforces are available here.

TM2.0 TF1_Viability analysis and recommendations_Report
TM2.0 TF2_Barriers and Enablers_Final Report
TM2.0 TF3_Principles onData_Annex
TM2.0 TF3_Principles onData_Final Report
TM2.0 TF4_Deployment-Steps_Final Report
TM2.0 TF5_ Value Proposition_ Final Report
TM2.0 TF6_Road Automation phase I_Final report full
TM2.0 TF6_Road Automation phase I_Final Paper report
TM2.0 TF7_Quantification of benefits_Final Paper report
TM2.0 TF8_TMPs exchange phase I_Final Paper Report
TM2.0 TF9_Road Automation phase II_Final Paper report
TM2.0 TF10_Contractual Agreements_Final Paper Report
TM2.0 TF11_Best Practices_Final Paper Report
TM2.0 TF13_TMPs exchange phase II_Final Paper Report