The ERTICO Academy has revamped its e-learning platform, offering a host of Smart Mobility-related courses. Everyone is invited to join the trainings and grow their expertise in the field.

The ERTICO Academy offers four types of trainings for capacity building, held in person or online via our web-based platform, The free-of-charge courses target public and private stakeholders wishing to learn more about mobility solutions that could improve the current transport system. Allowing participants to follow at their own pace, the courses cater to audiences with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of understanding in smart mobility, network and traffic management, and more! All trainings feature case studies of successful deployments of ITS technologies, which can provide valuable insights into the practical applications of these technologies.

The latest course on the e-Learning platform is based on the SHOW project’s experts on autonomous urban mobility. The two-hour online training called “Interconnecting the Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem” is part of a series of courses developed by SHOW focussing on the deployment of public transport and logistics services using autonomous vehicles. This course is relevant for the development of expertise in the ITS and CCAM domain, and covers the interconnectivity of the various components of the autonomous mobility ecosystem, including the vehicles, infrastructure, and services. The course also sheds light on the challenges facing the deployment of autonomous vehicles in public transport and logistics services, such as regulatory frameworks and public acceptance.

Visit the Academy website and discover the online courses to continue your educational journey!

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