Meet the faces behind the stands!

Why did ADASIS decide to have a stand at Vienna?

Jean-Charles Pandazis ADASIS Forum Coordinator: It is our 10th year anniversary the ADASIS Forum was founded in May 2002 bringing together industrial partners vehicle manufacturers ADAS suppliers navigation systems suppliers and map/data providers in order to develop and implement the ADAS Horizon concept extending ADAS capabilities and accelerating time-to-market.

What is going on at the stand? What are the highlights?

We will have two of our members presenting their products: Nokia Location & Commerce (formerly NAVTEQ) will present their Map and Positioning Engine™ (MPE) and Scania their newly introduced product Active Prediction™ system on a Smart table.

What are you personally looking forward to most at the Vienna Congress?

I am looking forward to meeting potential members to explain what is behind this de facto industry standard and why this is an enabling technology for predictive map-based systems for safe and clean mobility. On the other hand the Congress will be great with all demos presented and Vienna is a great city that I am sure I will enjoy!

Why did eCoMove decide to have a stand at Vienna?

Julie Castermans Project Support Manager: Two years into the project we wanted to showcase the results achieved thus far and take advantage of this major event in the field of ITS to raise awareness about the potential of cooperative mobility systems and services for green efficiency purposes

What is going on at the stand? What are the highlights?

  • In a truck driving simulator the visitor will experience eCoMove application-based scenarios for freight & logistics and see how much fuel reduction can be achieved
  • Sitting in one of our test vehicles equipped with innovative human-machine interface – including a haptic gas pedal – the visitor will receive live feedback based on a real life pre-recorded eco-driving scenario
  • Through an interactive surface table demonstration the visitor will understand better eCoMove potential to reduce traffic inefficiencies and corresponding CO2 emissions at network but also private and professional vehicles’ levels

What are you personally looking forward to most at the Vienna Congress?

Meeting all the partners and stakeholders the exciting planned activities (including the ball!) and the variety of demonstrations and interesting topics presented in the conference sessions

Why did iMobility forum through iCar Support decide to have a stand at Vienna?

iCar Support Coordinator Lina Konstantinopoulou and iCar Support media desk Laetitia Fernandez: Thanks to the 19th ITS World Congress it is a great opportunity to showcase the results of 10 working groups achieved so far and also manage at the same time to give the maximum visibility to the iMobility Forum.

What is going on at the stand? What are the highlights?

From 23 to 26 October 2012 the iMobility Forum stand will host its “Let’s Lunch” (12.30:13:15) and coffee break sessions on its stand (C30).

Whilst enjoying our morning savours & complimentary lunch and of course our demonstrations visitors will have the opportunity to discuss with iMobility Forum Working Group representatives on their latest achievements and also learn on other project related activities like HeERO Instant Mobility CityLog.

Finally the highlight of the week on Friday 26 October (11:00 a.m.) the 2012 iMobility Awards will be given out by Vice-President and European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes.

What are you (both) personally looking forward to most at the Vienna Congress?

Meeting the Commissioner Mrs Neelie Kroes of course!

Why did TISA decide to have a stand at Vienna?

Amaury Cornelis TISA Coordinator and Stéphanie Chaufton TISA Administrator: The European ITS Congress at Lyon in 2011 was the first time TISA had an independent stand at an ITS Congress and it was a great success for TISA and for our members. It was an easy decision to offer our membership the opportunity again this year and a vote of confidence in the ITS Congress that more of our members reacted so positively.

What is going on at the stand? What are the highlights?

There really is a lot going on at the TISA stand not to mention the various demonstrations elsewhere -iBiquity GEWI INRIX Continental and Fraunhofer–ask us for details!

We have a TISA/EasyWay demo on demand continuing our successful cooperation that began with last year’s MoU. This year just ask us about DATEX-TPEG interoperability!

TISA Member bmt – Bayerische Medien Techniek GmbH will present their TPEG know-who with playout and analysis tools. Furthermore the world’s first TPEG2-ADT based client will demonstrate TPEG2 technology in combination with public transport.

And last but not least a BMW series 1 convertible will show what TPEG Applications can offer to the drivers in terms of real-time traffic event information.

What are you personally looking forward to most at the Vienna Congress?

Stéphanie Chaufton: Meeting the TISA members face-to-face once again! Over the years we have developed a very productive relationship and it is always good to see everybody.  That’s also why I’m glad we are able to host TISA members on our stand – it’s just another way TISA is working for the benefit of its members. And finally… I’m very much looking forward to the BMW convertible demo!

Amaury Cornelis:  I’m looking forward to a very successful event for TISA! We’ve all put a lot of work into Vienna and I’m sure we will get even more out of it. Seeing TISA and EasyWay work together once again is also a pleasure… and I’m also looking forward to trying to waltz at the Gala dinner!

What is going on at the ERTICO stand? What are the highlights?

Anna Limbrey Partnership Services Manager: The ERTICO stand will be as is traditional the best meeting and networking area in the Congress! And have the best coffee! We will also be showing all of the 53 videos entered into the 2012 ITS video competition both on the large screen at the stand and also on the iPads available for your amusement. So if you have a few moments spare I invite you to the ERTICO stand!

What are you personally looking forward to most at the Vienna Congress?

Meeting up with current ERTICO Partners many of whom I have known for years – and of course the possibility of convincing potential new Partners to join!

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Original Publication Date: Wed 17 Oct 2012