The future of logistics is happening today in Brussels. FENIX is hosting public authorities, institutional representatives and business representatives at P&G’s InQbet Campus in Grimbergen, Belgium, at an open-doors event to conclude the project’s four-year journey. The FENIX consortium will use the opportunity to showcase the project’s results and achievements at their eleven pilot sites, which will be displayed in the afternoon.

The keynote speakers of the FENIX Final public event will share their vision in front of an audience of more than 150 interested partners. The distinguished keynote speakers are:

The final agenda can be found here.

ERTICO’s Dr Eusebiu Catana is welcoming these important guests: “The FENIX project creates important benefits for the transport and logistics sector such as: i) implementing the guidelines of the European Union, as formulated by the Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (DTLF), for the implementation of the first integrated, pan-European digital information and data exchange network in transport and logistics, ii) developing and implementing digital services that improve the operation of the transport and logistics sector, yielding significant economic and environmental benefits in terms of significant reduction of operations, congestion, cargo visibility, traffic management. The achievements of the FENIX project will be taken on by FENIX2.0, which will continue to ensure for all partners a secure ecosystem of data providers and data consumers for optimal transport decisions within a safe framework to connect plug-and-play systems.”

Digitalisation and connecting the dots of logistics accompany the European Union’s CBAM and the ETS: digital certificates are fundamental for information exchange to allow Member States and private companies to follow their path on the transformation and improvement of world logistics.

The FENIX project is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.