ERTICO is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia has joined its Partnership.

According to the Law on Ministries, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure performs state administration tasks in the field of railway, road, water and air transport, which relate to: arrangement and provide security of the transport system; implementation of the projects regarding construction of the traffic infrastructure; infrastructure projects of special importance in the field of civil engineering; domestic and international transport and intermodal transport; arrangement and safety of the technical-technological traffic system; obligation and ownership relations; inspection supervision; development of the transport strategy, development plans and plans related to the organisation of the traffic system and the organisation of transportation; issuance of a use permit for a traffic facility and infrastructure; homologation of vehicles, equipment and vehicle parts; organisation of financial and technical control; international affairs in the field of transport; creation of conditions for access and implementation of projects from the scope of that ministry that are financed from the funds of the pre-accession funds of the European Union, donations and other forms of development assistance; measures to encourage research and development in the field of transport, as well as other tasks specified by law.

The ERTICO Partnership bridges the gaps between stakeholders across the ITS community to help make mobility safer, more efficient and sustainable. Together, we lead the digital transformation of transport through the development of cutting-edge technologies, new services and innovative mobility solutions to move people and goods in smarter ways. Our Partners share the joint mission to actively promote sustainable collaborative relations with EU institutions and policymakers by connecting local and regional transport organisations with national authorities.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia to our Partnership. Their dedication to developing and implementing new solutions and technologies in the field of ITS will be of great importance to our joint initiatives. It is also a clear signal of being dedicated to the European “acquis communautaire,” says Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO-ITS Europe. “Creating a safer, more efficient and sustainable future of mobility is a shared goal with all our members, and we see a great potential to leverage this ambition with our new member on board. The breadth of knowledge will strengthen our collective capacity to facilitate the deployment of innovative projects related to autonomous vehicles, ultimately contributing to a positive transformation across the smart mobility ecosystem in Europe.”

Considering that the Republic of Serbia has started the development of ITS on its road network and is currently in the process of developing testing of autonomous vehicles, the membership of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia in ERTICO is of great importance. The recently adopted amendments to the Law on Road Safety enable the testing and use of autonomous vehicles in our country, making us a leader in this part of Europe. The ERTICO Partnership also provides the opportunity to connect with other members, including access to ERTICO activities and events, and the development of European project proposals to strengthen and increase the level of the development of ITS, such as in the field of autonomous vehicles. The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure strongly supports urban mobility, ecological modes of transport and technological innovations in the transport of people and goods.

“Joining the ERTICO Partnership is an important way to connect the dots between different sectors across our complex ecosystem. The Partnership enables close collaboration between stakeholders by coordinating the planning and deployment of intelligent transport systems and smart mobility solutions in Europe and beyond,” says Olivera Stević Ledenčan, MSc.Traff.Eng., Head of Road Safety Group, Senior Advisor, Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Department for Road Transport, Roads and Road Safety.

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