ERTICO – ITS Europe and ITS America interviewed President of Telvent North America and World Congress Chair Pat McGowan as part of the build-up to the 18th ITS World Congress in Orlando.

ERTICO & ITSA: Where is the main focus of the Orlando Congress?

We are anticipating over 10000 transport experts from over 74 countries. These attendees are there to share information and experience for deployments worldwide. The primary focus of the conference will be an amazing program with high level policy and technical speakers along with a 350000 square feet (32500 m2) exhibit hall and 26 technology demonstrations ranging from V2V V2I pricing solutions next generation traveller information and environmental solutions. Since this is Orlando we don’t have to mention the wonderful networking events at some of the most enjoyable venues in the world.

ERTICO & ITSA: What are the main themes of the Orlando Congress?

The theme for this conference is “keeping the economy moving” and this could not be more appropriate. Over the last several years countries have slowed the development of infrastructure and as the economy starts to grow efficient transport will be necessary if we are to keep the recovery moving forward. Without the deployment of transport technologies we can’t meet the demands as we move more goods and people. ITS technologies are the only solution to increase mobility and our economy while saving lives and improving our environment.

ERTICO & ITSA: What has to happen so that you would consider the Orlando Congress was a success?

The development of a World Congress takes about 3 years and hundreds of people. We have already set the stage to ensure a successful World Congress and we are certain that people attending will agree. Everything is set and the anticipated attendance looks good. The only unknown now is the final number of people attending the conference. We have always planned for 10000 people but it is possible to have significantly more.

ERTICO & ITSA: What makes Orlando uniquely positioned to hold this year’s ITS World Congress?

I would point to three key features that make Orlando great. First is the obvious venue with a spectacular convention centre hotels and the best entertainment from Disney Sea World and Universal Studios that the attendees will enjoy. Second is a very impressive deployment of ITS technologies within the Orlando area. These deployments will allow us to show off some world-class systems through our many technical tours. Finally the local agencies and ITS Florida chapter has worked tirelessly to support the technology showcase tours networking events and all elements of the program. Without this strong support from the people in Orlando we could not have made it as impressive an event.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 31 Aug 2011