ITS United Kingdom the Intelligent Transport Systems association for the UK has held a launch event for its Mobility Interest Group in Manchester.  ITS UK Members Transport for Greater Manchester acted as hosts for the event which attracted some forty delegates.

The IMIG facilitates understanding and co-operation between Intelligent Transport Systems professionals researchers implementers and suppliers and disabled and older people and their representative bodies. IMIG is already well established as an active group within ITS UK and the purpose of the launch event was to publicise that the Group welcomes input and participation from those outside the ITS sector.

The launch event speakers looked at the challenges posed by the ageing society compliance with anti-discriminatory legislation new technologies and the current economic climate in the UK and discussed the role of ITS in securing good outcomes for disabled transport users.  With speakers including UK Government and academia transport service providers and also Polish and German participants there was a wide opportunity to learn and also to make new useful contacts for all delegates. Dr Simon Edwards of Newcastle University who chairs the IMIG commented “It was wonderful to see such a great turnout of people from a variety of backgrounds and especially those from the continent. There were so many positives that the IMIG can take forward to shape its future strategy and membership profile in order to provide expert guidance for national and local government and service providers whilst keeping older and disabled people themselves up-to-date with the latest in intelligent transport systems for accessibility and mobility.“

David Hytch Information Systems Director at Transport for Greater Manchester said “We were delighted to support the IMIG at this meeting particularly as we continue to understand how to make transport even more accessible and useful for people with disabilities both in Greater Manchester and beyond. Getting the experiences from studies and practical examples across Europe was added value”.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 01 Sep 2011