TISA will be presented at the WorldDAB Automotive 2016 event in Brussels on 11 May. TISA President, Thomas Kusche, will give a presentation on Traffic & travel information user experiences of traffic & travel.

TISA Member bmt (Bayerische Medien Technik GmbH) will present their TPEG products and services including a preliminary version of the TPEG Editor which will be ready for customers in Q3/2016. The TPEG Editor is a tool for the creation and modification of TPEG files. It can be used to open TPEG files and present their content in a clearly laid out user interface where all fields can be edited. Missing or invalid parameters which would cause non-standard TPEG output are indicated by red background colour which facilitates trouble-shooting. Optional parameters are marked or suppressed in order to facilitate the creation of new messages.

Messages are managed in multiple versions and new versions can be cloned from previous ones. The location of a message can be modelled using all TISA location referencing methods. Additionally, TMC and OLR locations can be graphically edited on a map. The TPEG Editor supports all applications currently specified by TISA and will be enhanced with future applications after their release. bmt’s long-term expert knowledge ensures that the output is compliant to the related TPEG2 specifications.