On 23 and 24 September, TISA held the meetings of the Content and Service Provision Committee and the Technical and Standard Committee in Brussels, at ERTICO premises.


During the Content and Service Provision meeting, Jacques Naves from Michelin gave a presentation titled “New ways of traveling in 2020 in Europe”. In the forthcoming years, despite cars will represent 80% of personal travels, the government and local authorities will adapt policies to leave cars out from city centres, and encourage public transport use, car sharing schemes and car rental. Multimodal journey with a combined use of cars, train, ferry, underground, etc. will become more and more popular; “the integration of various modes of transport would have positive impacts in environmental terms, but also on the quality of life and would save 266 billion dollars per year for the 30 largest world megacities” (Source: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Mobilicités – 2013).


The Content and Service Provision presented also 5 new UCPs by HERE, Amaryllo, BMT, and RWS. During the Technical and Standard committee meeting, Ming-Hsien Lee from the Institute for Information Industry (III), presented traffic information services in Taiwan.