TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) has established a dedicated Task Force to address political priorities defined in the ITS Directive and Action Plan of the European Commission to EU member states. This Task Force lead by TISA’s Public Authorities Representative Christine Lotz (BASt) involves organisations from the whole value chain of travel and traffic information services (public authorities service providers broadcasters device manufacturers and automotive manufacturers) to define data and procedures for the provision of road safety related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users in the light of the value chains of different member states.

The deliverable will be discussed during the TISA Committee meetings to be held on 22-23 June 2010 in Cologne Germany. Christine Lotz will also be representing TISA at the TRA 2010 Conference in Brussels on 9 June. If you are interested in learning more slides from Christine Lotz are available for download on the TISA website


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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010