The Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) wishes to provide advisory information to all concerned with traffic and travel information services and products. TISA issues Position Papers to cover and explain the membership’s agreed policy as required in areas of business and technology. The beginning of 2011 has already seen the publication of the first two Position Papers where TISA covers issues of vital importance in the world of Real Time Traffic Information.


The first Position Paper “TISA and International Standards” highlights the TISA position in respect of the technical specifications and standards which support the service objectives of the European Union ITS Directive 2010/40/EU in force since August 2010.


The second Position Paper “Delivery Channels for Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) Services” provides background information about the delivery of TTI services and the issues that radio regulation needs to consider for the ubiquitous availability of TTI data services. It is issued jointly with ERTICO – ITS Europe.


For those concerned these Position papers are freely available on the TISA Website.


For any further question please feel free to contact the Executive Office: Amaury Cornelis / Stephanie Chaufton



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Original Publication Date: Wed 09 Mar 2011