The TM 2.0 ERTICO Innovation Platform is actively supporting the organisation of the 4th International Symposium on Freeway and Tollway Operations (ISFO). This big meeting is co-organised with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and AustriaTech and will take place from 26 to 30 June in Vienna.

Under the theme “Innovation advances towards the Future of Managing Traffic”, this important event will go beyond discussing classic traffic management and will provide a vibrant platform for operators, managers, traffic engineers, practitioners and researchers to discuss and share their experiences and innovative ideas with an international audience of experts in the field.

Up to 400 experts will explore the future of traffic management in more than 30 sessions focusing on the following main themes: Governance and Organizational Challenges, Managing and Analysing Operational Strategies and Performance, Next Generation Traffic Management Systems and Services, and Innovative Financing to Build and Operate Motorways. In addition to the sessions, side events will be organised, including the meetings of ASECAP and the General Assembly of the TM 2.0 ERTICO Innovation Platform. Technical visits are also planned to allow participants to meet their peers in settings where they can discover and learn more about technical innovations that have already been implemented in practice.

The topics that will be discussed at the ISFO sessions, are of direct interest to TM 2.0’s traffic management community. TM 2.0 will actively participate in the Symposium’s sessions by moderating and speaking at a good number of them.

“The ISFO event that we are co-organizing with our colleagues from TRB and Austriatech in Vienna this summer is a major event bringing the US and European traffic management communities together to discuss the future in our field of work. The traffic management colleagues will be discussing organisational and strategic traffic management aspects as well as operations and public investment in both the US and the EU. Apart from the sessions, a number of Workshops is taking place at ISFO to discuss services and solutions such as environmental traffic management, the integration of micromobility into traffic management systems and more. The evolving concept of interactive traffic management established by TM 2.0 in 2014 and its evolution into that of the Mobility Network Traffic Management (MNM) is central in these session discussions that the TM2.0 members will moderate and support,” says Dr Johanna Tzanidaki, Chief Innovation Officer at ERTICO and Chair of the TM 2.0 ERTICO Innovation Platform.

Join the discussion in Vienna! Register here to secure your spot. Early bird rate is available until 1 April. Visit the Symposium website for more information and the full programme.

You can also submit abstracts to present a paper or a poster at the Symposium. You can find more information here. Submissions are accepted until 15 March.