In 2018, a new EU Connecting European Facility (CEF) project called TN-ITS GO was officially kicked off. Aiming to support the deployment of ITS applications through implementation and facilitation of seamless spatial data exchange, TN-ITS GO has worked closely with 15 EU Member States to make the creation and availability of trusted road data and deployment of TN-ITS data sharing mechanism a reality.

Today, 48 months after the launch of the project, the TN-ITS GO consortium is proud to invite you to attend its Final Event on 3rd December 2021 from 9.30 till 14.30.

Due to the rapidly changing epidemiological situation, the TN-ITS GO Final Event will NOT take place in person in Brussels. We will keep you informed on next steps. Registration for the online event are still open.

During the Final Event, participants will have the opportunity to hear the first-hand experiences from countries that have deployed TN-ITS system services, and learn more about TN-ITS GO’s role in the EU RTTI framework and how its next phase will be carried out in the framework of the recently launched NAPCORE project.

Moreover, TN-ITS GO speakers, including representatives of leading map and service providers, will showcase the main results from the project, the progress achieved in TN-ITS specifications, understanding how TN-ITS helps facilitate and foster the exchange of ITS-related data, especially of data concerning changes in (semi)permanent road attributes like, for example, speed limits, as well as how it contributes to the realisation of the ‘digital twin’, building and maintaining a virtual representation of the physical road attributes.

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