At the 12th ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, ERTICO – ITS Europe and the City of Copenhagen have presented the first Commercial Partners to the 25th ITS World Congress 2018: Technolution, Dynniq and Swarco. The City of Copenhagen is already working with these three partners in supplying ITS and smart city solutions that go hand in hand with the city’s vision to become the first CO2 neutral city in the world by 2025.

Copenhagen has shown remarkable results while working with urban development challenges in relation to the traffic safety, environment and congestion. Copenhagen wants to be the European leader within green technology and innovation, therefore, the City of Copenhagen is active in a number of innovative projects, including making public transport more attractive and less polluting, as well as raising the average speed of cyclists by using ITS solutions to prolong green lights. The City sees intelligent transport systems as an important mean to improve traffic flow, road safety, promote cycling and enhance public transport. It is about finding solutions that are smarter, greener and healthier. The green agenda goes hand in hand with citizens’ needs; a green city is a precondition for a livable and healthy city.