Are you a city representative interested in map data updates? Are you an enthusiast of maps and want to discover (or learn more!) how to keep them always up-to-date? Our event “TN-ITS GOes urban” is here for you!

Our experts will guide you to discover how TN-ITS can help your city share its static and regulatory data for better city navigation and traffic management during the event. The event will take place on 11 October 2021 from 12:00 till 14:00 CET at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg – Germany. To take part, you can register here.

But what if you cannot be in Hamburg? No problem! You still have the chance to follow remotely by registering at this link.

During the event, participants will have the chance to learn more about TN-ITS per se, including what TN-ITS can do for public authorities – cities’ role in the data space linked to the ERTICO City Moonshot results related to urban mobility, but also about other platforms (SENSORIS), start-ups (SIMACAN and MOBITO), associations (EPA) and organisations (the Hamburg Urban Data Platform).

Did we catch your attention? Take a peek at the programme we put together for the day and register now: