ERTICO strives to create a widespread deployment of a new generation of cooperative applications, digital infrastructure and personalised mobility services. A key priority for ERTICO’s focus in the Urban Mobility area is to support the widespread deployment of a new generation of cooperative, connected and personalised mobility services. Next week, during the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, ERTICO hosts a number of different sessions within the focus area. 

ERTICO’s goal for 2030 is to achieve full integration of all these mobility solutions. This will reduce traffic congestion and increase the use of low-carbon and low-emission solutions, leading to high-quality travel for all citizens and businesses. ERTICO supports its 2030 roadmap related to Urban Mobility through projects and Innovation Platforms allowing the possibility to develop innovative solutions.

SHOW will be present at various sessions at the ITS World Congress. Starting on Tuesday 12 October, SHOW organises two sessions at 11 AM (CET). The first is titled, SIS 31: “How do we overcome challenges to deploy sustainable L4 driverless mobility services?”. Taking place in Messe – B6 – Room 7, this session gathers experts from all over the world share the latest status of pilot developments in various locations and discuss “What would be the next step and how we work together to move ahead”, under the current COVID-19 situation.The second session at 11 AM (CET) – SIS 24: “The Next Step for shared automated public transport – an authority perspective” will discuss the next steps for automated shared public transport, hosted in Messe – B6 – Room 11. In the afternoon, at 5:15 PM (CET), a Technical Paper session, “TP 24 Platooning and driverless public transport” will take place in Messe – B6 – Room 7.

Tuesday 12 October is also a special day for SHOW as they host: SHOW PRE-HACKATHON WORKSHOP, an associated event from 4 PM to 7 PM (CET) in CCH – Room X10. The Project will conduct real-life urban demonstrations taking place in 20 cities in Europe for 24 months, with real service seamless operation in each pilot site lasting at least 12 months.

On Wednesday 13 October, SIS 44: “ITS Data Generation and Use: How are we Addressing Societal and Ethical Issues?” will discuss the current thinking about how best to address these issues in the ITS industry. The session will take place at 11 AM (CET) in Messe – B6 – Room 2.

During the same day, in CCH – Room X9, at 2:00 PM (CET) “5G Workshop: Connecting to Future Mobility” will use a two-step approach with presentations and interaction with the audience through a panel discussion and online surveying.

SIS 75: “Equity Assessment of New Mobility Technologies: Current Status” will cover current efforts throughout the ITS industry to assess the inclusiveness of transformational technologies for transportation and mobility services. The session will take place at 11 AM (CET) on Thursday 14 October. 

MaaS Alliance, a public-private platform is also hosting a session on the different business models of MaaS and defines the success factors and conditions, titled: SIS 106 Is there a Sustainable Business Model for MaaS? Taking place on Tuesday 12 October 12, at 2 PM (CET) in CCH – Room X1, the discussion will also open up a debate on the attributes for the success and how to build a profitable service that delivers benefits for the users, cities, societies.

Furthermore, since there are many solutions and business models proposed across the world to provide users with a range of sustainable mobility services closely tailored to their demands, there will be a MaaS/MoD Global Forum: Mobility for everyone, everywhere: Global solutions for user-focussed mobility, on Monday 11 October at 11:30 AM (CET) in Messe – B6 – Room 1. The session, c0-moderated by Vladimir Vorotovic, Senior Manager at ERTICO, will explore whether there are solutions that can also help us reduce transport’s environmental impact. And what developments might we expect by 2030?

Other relevant sessions on Urban Mobility will take place throughout the week, to name a few, here are some to get your attention:

  • SIS 97 Sustainable Urban Mobility planning – Tuesday 12 October from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM – Messe – B6 – Room 12
  • SIS 25 Mobility-as-a-Service: International best practices on low-carbon transport and mobility services integration – Tuesday, 12 October from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM – Messe – B6 – Room 12

  • SIS 57 MaaS in Developing Countries – Wednesday 13 October from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM – Messe – B6 – Room 5

  • SIS 95 e-Mobility as a service – Wednesday 13 October from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM – Messe – B6 – Room 6


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