TomTom announced a new partnership with Flow Labs, a leader in transportation software specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and transportation data integration. Flow Labs will incorporate TomTom’s best-in-class traffic data into their AI applications that support transportation agencies with real-time optimization and insights, for any road, at any time.

Through this partnership, Flow Labs leverages TomTom’s historical and real-time traffic analytics based on anonymized speed data from more than 600 million connected devices. The result is an enhanced analytics platform that empowers transportation professionals and road authorities with data-driven insights to make critical transportation decisions with greater speed and ease. The Flow Labs Digital Twin platform integrates signal data, detection data, and connected vehicle data into a unified traffic management platform that optimizes traffic flow and enhances regional mobility. The AI-powered platform provides live and retrospective indicators of safety risks, operational issues, and a variety of environmental impact metrics, helping authorities identify the root cause of any transportation issue and informing decision-making to resolve issues faster.

“We are excited to partner with Flow Labs who have developed bold, innovative solutions to improve road network safety and flow, starting with road traffic signal optimization,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Vice President for Traffic and travel Information at TomTom. “With access to TomTom’s uniquely rich and detailed traffic data, we enhance Flow Labs’ ability to address today’s complex transportation problems in new ways.”

“With TomTom, we’re getting a massive increase in connected vehicle data that helps us provide traffic managers with a crystal clear picture of what is happening on any given roadway, at any given time,” said Jatish Patel, Founder and CEO of Flow Labs. “TomTom’s data enables us to generate unparalleled data accuracy and reliability, empowering powerful applications like traffic signal optimization and regional safety monitoring, including identifying high-speed corridors and crash hot spots with improved incident detection.”

Flow Labs’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions do not require expensive infrastructure or roadway modifications to generate highly detailed simulations. The solution uses credible, high-sampling sources of connected car data, which TomTom provides. Utilizing TomTom’s data, Flow Labs can estimate what is really happening on the road quickly and at an affordable cost. While the impact of the collaboration will be immediate, it will serve as a launchpad for greater innovation in the future.

“We expect the long-term benefits for both organizations and the customers we serve globally to be profound,” said Patel. “We intend to jointly develop new products, services and applications that will better service the growing needs of transportation agencies and other traffic providers across the United States and beyond.”

Source: Press Release Detail Page | TomTom Newsroom