TomTom announced the arrival of TomTom Navigation for Automotive, a cloud-native hybrid navigation solution developed for the automotive industry. It is cloud-native and able to take advantage of super-fast and up-to-date routing, search and fresh maps, while still offering a fully functional offline mode.

When no data connection is available, the solution switches to its onboard software and maps, making it available under all circumstances.

“With cloud delivery at the heart of the new TomTom Navigation for Automotive, we have combined the safety and comfort of an in-dash system with the always up-to-date and super-fast experience of a smartphone app,” said Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive.

Drivers will enjoy a new user interface designed around our principles of safety and ease-of-use. The intuitive interface can be displayed on the center stack, cluster screen, head-up display (HUD) and passenger screens in different sizes and aspect ratios. This integrated approach means important information such as turn-by-turn and lane-level navigation instructions, as well as traffic and hazard warnings can be projected on the vehicle’s HUD or cluster screen, increasing driver safety and comfort. The driver can also interact directly with TomTom’s navigation via easy-to-use voice assistance from Amazon Alexa, Cerence or Houndify.

TomTom’s next-generation navigation can be integrated with vehicle sensors, enabling it to display vital information linked to advanced driver assistance systems and refueling or recharging needs. Dynamic range mapping helps drivers to visualize their vehicle’s range – especially important for electric vehicles. If the predicted range is insufficient to make it to the selected destination, the driver is alerted to find a charging location and provided with a cost comparison of the available charging points that are on route and within range. The chosen charging point is then added as waypoint to the driver’s destination.

The technology is easily integrated in any in-vehicle infotainment system, as has been demonstrated by multiple leading tier one suppliers. The adaptable solution can work with multiple brands, car lines – entry, volume or premium – and vehicle types, anywhere in the world. The solution is offered as one pre-integrated stack and delivered through easy-to-use SDKs and APIs.

Source: TomTom