TomTom recently announced that it’s supporting the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) as a Platinum Member. Last year, the geolocation company explained the instrumental role that OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is playing in its efforts to build the smartest map on the planet via the TomTom Maps Platform. Its latest move further affirms the company’s commitment to the global OSM project.

TomTom is contributing €20,000 to the OSMF as the first corporate OSM member to join the foundation at the Platinum level.

The OSMF is a not-for-profit organization that supports the OSM project in various ways, such as by running the OSM infrastructure and raising funds, as well as communicating with OSM working groups.

With this annual contribution to the foundation, TomTom is providing direct financial support to OSM’s operations and infrastructure, including hardware, cloud costs and engineering hours.

“We are delighted to announce that TomTom is joining us as our first Platinum tier corporate member. Its contribution is essential to accompany the growth and ensure the long-term sustainability of the world’s largest crowdsourced geospatial project,” says Guillaume Rischard, Chairman of the OSMF Board.

Many well-known tech companies are already corporate members of the OSMF. While the likes of Microsoft and Meta are Gold Members, mobility company Bolt and spatial technology specialist Locana are on the Silver tier.

As part of being a Platinum Member, Shaundrea Kenyon, Director of the Community and Partnerships team in TomTom’s Maps unit, has taken a seat on the OSMF Advisory Board. She joins representatives of established local OSMF chapters and other corporate members on the board.

“Being part of the Advisory Board will help TomTom get to know the OSM project at an even deeper level. It will give us a closer look at the needs of the community and help us understand how we can best support fellow mapmakers, whether it’s financially or by sharing resources and expertise,” says Kenyon.

Kenyon said that TomTom is trying to be a model corporate partner by engaging with various local mapping communities. It’s trying to build new OSM communities too, by encouraging budding editors in countries like Brazil and India to join the OSM project.

TomTom is also a regular sponsor of OSM’s conferences, the OSM Belgium local community and several other OSM communities.

“We are grateful for TomTom’s unwavering support of OpenStreetMap, which extends beyond financial contributions — it actively participates in working groups, the advisory board and local OpenStreetMap communities,” Rischard adds.

“TomTom’s recognition of the importance of the OpenStreetMap data it uses is a testament to the value our project provides. We hope this inspires other corporate partners to join as members to support OpenStreetMap.”

Felix Faassen, TomTom’s Open Source Program Manager, believes that TomTom’s platinum membership is another step the company is taking to give back to the OSM initiative.

“I think every company that uses OSM data and open source software in its products, including TomTom, has a moral responsibility to support the health and sustainability of the vital infrastructure and communities powering the world’s largest peer-produced geospatial project. And this is another small but important step towards fulfilling that,” he says.

Source: TomTom