Zurich, 09. November 2022. The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has commissioned Yunex Traffic to automate the traffic management of Swiss national roads. The project, with a forecast total volume of up to 30 million Swiss francs, was awarded in a multi-stage dialogue process. Yunex Traffic excelled with the best coverage of requirements and the best procedural concept. 

The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has greatly expanded the routeing equipment on Swiss national roads in recent years and significantly improved operational traffic management. However, the handling of the equipment is not yet fully automated via decentralized systems.

This is to change with the planned “Traffic Management Switzerland” project, which aims to automate traffic measures such as speed reduction in the event of a sharp increase in traffic volume to ensure that traffic remains flowing and ensure uniform operation of traffic management facilities. The new system, with a uniform traffic management logic, offers FEDRO many extended and new functionalities, such as a comprehensive picture of the traffic situation, central, supra-regional traffic control and central, efficient system supply (configuration, parameterization).

Yunex Traffic delivers economically and qualitatively

The project was awarded following a multi-stage dialogue process that began in early 2021. Three suppliers, evaluated by FEDRO, developed practice-oriented solutions by the time of the official tender in October 2021, which were to meet the requirements of the project in the best possible way. In addition, a prototype was also developed as part of the dialogue in order to sharpen individual requirements and incorporate further findings into the final tender.

Yunex Traffic secured the contract for this major project in this multi-stage process. FEDRO justified the decision for Yunex Traffic with the best coverage of requirements and the best procedural concept, which meant that the bid was considered the most advantageous overall.

“Digitalization and automation are the keys to greater efficiency, safety and sustainability on our roads. Our solution for traffic management on Swiss national roads is therefore not only groundbreaking for Switzerland, but also demonstrates to other countries and cities how innovative technologies can make their traffic systems fit for tomorrow’s traffic requirements,” says Daniel Bärtsch, Managing Director, Yunex Traffic Switzerland.

One traffic management center instead of numerous individual solutions

For the “Traffic Management Switzerland” project, Yunex Traffic will further develop the “Varia” highway traffic management platform based on the individual requirements of the project. This has already been used successfully for several years in numerous traffic management systems in Switzerland and in many other countries worldwide.

Thanks to the system’s high level of automation and user-friendliness, manual activities in traffic control are reduced to a minimum. Users will also benefit from technical enhancements and continuous assurance of the highest safety standards by Yunex Traffic throughout the system’s lifetime.

In the first phase of the project, the focus is on the further development and installation of the Varia traffic management platform and the integration of selected traffic management systems. After that, the remaining traffic management systems in Switzerland will be connected and integrated in so-called implementation stages over a period of approximately 10 years.

Source: Yunex Traffic