FOT-NET-PRIMARY-LOGO-e1395672107835Automated vehicles can be defined as those in which aspects of safety-critical control functions, such as steering or braking, are perfomed by the vehicle without direct driver input.

Automated vehicles, either authonomous or connected, are hip within and beyond the transport community. Companies and research organisations work to develop and polish the details of such a groundbreaking concept. Many of them are ready to press ahead with automation pilots.

Field operational tests (FOTs) and pilots are key to assess the ‘behaviour’ of these smart vehicles, and to advocate for them towards decision-makers by supporting the ‘pro’ arguments with accurate and reliable data. The necessary legal change will simply not happen if there is no evidence of the advantages of automated vehicles in terms of traffic management, safety and environmental impact.

FOT-Net Data contends that a common methodology for those automation FOTs and pilots is needed in order to make the most out of these trials. Along these lines, the project is organising the workshop “A common methodology for automation FOTs and pilots”, which will take place on 3-4 February 2016 in Leeds (UK).

The objectives of this event is to explain the current methodology (i.e. FESTA), to extend the FESTA activities to automation pilots, and to work together to take the first steps towards a common methodology.

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