Every year the world’s leading Conference on the future of global freight and logistics industry, IPIC, brings together experts, researchers, industry representatives, government officials, and PhD students from all over the globe to explore, discuss, introduce leading edge concepts, methodologies, recent projects, technological advancements, start-up initiatives, for current and future Physical Internet (PI) implementation.

ERTICO – ITS Europe will be an active participant in the 8th virtual International Physical Internet Conference on 14-16 June. “ERTICO’s mission to develop, promote and deploy Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) through a variety of activities via its platform, embodies the vision of the Physical Internet (PI). A global logistics ecosystem based on the interconnection of logistics networks, facilitating their use to the maximum capacity and productivity while increasing agility and resilience of supply chains, will revolutionalise existing logistics and SCM practices and will support the affordable transition of assets towards Zero emissions logistics”; stated Dr Angelos Amditis, ERTICO’s Chairman, ICCS Research Director and IPIC2021 co-Chair.

Recognizing the Physical Internet’s (PI) potential for bringing a disruptive innovation in the logistics industry, leading to a smart hyperconnected era of efficient and sustainable transport and logistics, ERTICO empowers the logistics industry by promoting international cooperation and participates in IPIC2021 with two EU funded projects: FENIX and 5G-LOGINNOV.

FENIX will develop the first European federated architecture for data sharing serving the European logistics community of shippers, logistics service providers, mobility infrastructure providers, cities, and authorities in order to offer interoperability between any individual existing and future platforms. 5G-LOGINNOV will optimise operations and the maintenance of ports and logistics hubs thanks to cutting-edge 5G enabled services.

Researchers from the two ERTICO coordinated projects, FENIX and 5G-LOGINNOV, will make a valuable contribution to the IPIC2021 agenda, while the projects will also have a presence in the virtual exhibition area. IPIC2021 is co-organised by ALICE – the European Technology Platform ALICE and ICCS – the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems and registration will be open until 10 June, offering many different pricing options. More information about the Conference is available on the website.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash