ERTICO is delighted to welcome a new member to its Partnership: BlackBerry.

Founded in 1984, originally known for its smart phones, BlackBerry is today a global provider of software and services, ensuring the real-time operating systems that drive autonomous technology. BlackBerry is the product of choice for over 120 million automobiles and provides operating systems to traffic light manufacturers and high speed rail, as well as endpoint security and endpoint management software.

With Europe representing an important market for smart mobility, BlackBerry is interested in identifying new cooperation partners from European industry and authorities who share its vision of safer, cleaner and more secure mobility system.

“We are excited to start this new collaboration with BlackBerry. ERTICO and its Partnership can benefit from BlackBerry’s expertise, especially in the field of data communication and cybersecurity, while the ERTICO team will work closely with BlackBerry on projects that combine the European use cases with BlackBerry’s global experience”, said Irina Patrascu, Director of Partnership and Communications.