Ficosa, top-tier global provider devoted to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-technology vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for the automotive and mobility sectors, has been recognized by Toyota Motor Europe with the Value Analysis award. With this prize, the Japanese multinational distinguishes the know-how and the ability of Ficosa to offer high-quality products, optimising the relation between function and cost and eliminating those costs that do not add value.

In this regard, Javier Pujol, Fikias CEO, explains: “We are very pleased with this distinction, which is a reflection of our commitment to offer the best quality to our customers and build together a long-term relationship. In our company, we continually strive to ensure the excellence in our products and, therefore, we continue to work on providing the most innovative solutions, developing and manufacturing products with high added value”.

The award ceremony of Toyota Motor Europe was held during the 2016 Annual Supplier Business Meeting, which this year brought together more than 400 European suppliers. With these prizes, the Japanese multinational recognizes every year the leading providers in the areas of quality, value analysis, project management, supply and cost.

Ficosa has been awarded on multiple occasions by Toyota Motor Europe, a fact that highlights the policy of quality, excellence, service, flexibility and continuous improvement that the multinational keeps with all customers.

Since 1998, Ficosa develops and manufactures in its production centers in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, China, Brazil, the United States and Mexico multiple solutions for Toyota, as gearshift systems, brake levers, mechanical cables, rear-view mirrors and windshield washer systems.