Today the European Commission published the results of a Eurobarometer survey on the quality of transport in the EU. The main findings of the survey revealed that respondents who use cars have a split opinion about whether the quality of road transport in the past five years has improved or not. 38% of them said it has improved, 40% that it has deteriorated, and 18% said that it remained the same. But whatever the opinion on quality, most considered congestion (60%) andmaintenance (59%) to be the most serious problems about roads in Europe. These findings are even more relevant as the survey highlighted the dominance of car as a preferred mode of transport for both daily commuting (54%) and journeys over 300 km (66%). Improving road maintenance (56%) was also mentioned as the top priority for improving road safety by all respondents, closely followed by zero alcohol tolerance (49%).

The survey also revealed that most Europeans were satisfied with long journey: 93% felt safe, while 89% said there were enough amenities for passengers and 85% that their journey was good value for money.Convenience is by far the main reason for choosing a specific means of transportation for everyday and long journeys (both 61%), followed by speed (respectively 31% and 41%) and price (12% and18%).

This Eurobarometer survey was carried out in the 28 Member States of the European Union and some 27.868 people from different social and demographic groups were interviewed face-to-face at home in their mother tongue.

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