A survey published by the Transport Systems Catapult reveals the transport issues that ruin our journeys . Have you experienced any of them in your way home for Christmas?

Severe weather, traffic jams, and drunkenness are among the top Christmas travel travesties. The YouGov survey, carried out for the UK’s technology and innovation centre for Intelligent Mobility, asked over 2,000 adults in Great Britain about their journey home for Christmas.

Nearly a third (32%) of those surveyed said that severe weather such as snow, fog, and storms has made their journey home at Christmas difficult. One in four (26%) said traffic jams had made their journey home difficult, while 20% cited the cost of travel – for tickets or petrol. Drunkenness and bad behaviour on public transport was high in the poll with eight percent of people saying this had made their journey difficult in the past.

Top Ten Travel Travesties at Christmas

  • (32%) Severe weather (snow, fog, storms)
  • (26%) Traffic jams
  • (20%) Cost of travel
  • (16%) Overcrowding on public transport
  • (16%) Engineering works/roadworks
  • (15%) Lack of transport available
  • (11%) Behaviour of other drivers
  • (10%) Queues
  • (8%) Drunkenness/bad behaviour of passengers
  • (6%) Luggage problems e.g. not enough space

Steve Yianni, chief executive of the Transport Systems Catapult said: “This survey shows that we need to harness emerging technologies to make transport better, especially during busy times like Christmas. Technology such as driverless vehicles, intelligent phone apps, and social media, will transform how we travel in the future – making journeys faster, easier, and more connected.”

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