The Board of Directors of TTS Italia has approved the accession of six new Members for 2012 at its meeting on 19 September.

The new members are:

  • Consortium Triveneto focus on the research and design of products based on wireless technology and contactless mobile payment systems for of road tolls and parking access to restricted traffic zones and electronic ticketing systems;
  • Etrucknet are an ITS for transport start-up which focuses on support for SMEs with environmental protection and energy saving and the implementation of interoperable ITS solutions;
  • IVU Traffic Technologies a company focused on the development of integrated computer systems for public transport companies and the logistics industry. They assist with planning and time management for shifts ticket monitoring for fleets and advanced systems for passenger information;
  • Rome Servizi per la Mobilità a company which aims to integrate the functions of planning design and control of public and private mobility with those of information to serve the citizens of Rome;
  • Teleparking are dedicated to the study and implementation of mobility projects with a focus on solutions that meet both the need for cost containment and sustainable development.
  • Tom Tom a company which specialises in products and digital maps for navigation and support services to guide motorists including portable navigation devices navigation integrated systems solutions for fleet management maps and real-time services.


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Original Publication Date: Fri 05 Oct 2012