A UDRIVE partner delegation participated in the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016, which was held on 18 – 21 April 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. This is the most important event in Europe that addresses scientific research on surface and water transport. The latest research and innovation, technologies and implementations were featured during the conference.

UDRIVE had a dedicated booth at the European Commission’s stand. A Renault Clio, outfitted with the UDRIVE instrumentation package was positioned within the large exhibit area. Participants could see and touch an instrumented car with the complete UDRIVE Data Acquisition System. Project partner Michiel Christoph  (SWOV) showed the participants video footage with different camera views extracted from a car (see an example below). Information pannels and brochures where also available for all those who wanted further information.



Stand visitors were keen to learn about this first European Large Scale Naturalistic Driving Study. Some of them asked about the possibilities that data collected within UDRIVE would provide for future traffic safety research. As it is UDRIVE’s ambition to open the database to the research community after the project’s lifetime, this expressions of interest have been very welcomed.

A scientific poster describing SP4 activities was on display on Tuesday April 19 and a second copy was in continuous display in the Chalmers University stand (see copy below). 

.UDRIVE TRA2016 UDRIVE ID-10515 reduced

Finally, a roll-up posters and some brochures were available at the IBDiM stand where participants could ask the Polish partners any questions related with the Warsaw Operation Site.

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