The six UDRIVE operational sites are organising regional workshops March to May 2017 to present the preliminary results to the local stakeholders and public. The workshops will be organised in local language. For more information see the list of workshops below and contact the organisers for more information.


the Netherlands
When: 6 April 2017
Where: SWOV, The Hague
Contact person: Tineke Togni

When: 12 April 2017
Where: IFFSTAR, Paris
Contact person: Helene Tattegrain

When: 25 April 2017
Where: DLR, Braunschweig
Contact person: Mandy Dotzauer

When: 26 April 2017
Where: IBDiM, Warsaw
Contact person: Jacek Malasek

United Kingdom
When: 10 May 2017
Where: University of Leeds, Leeds
Contact person: Daryl Hibberd

19/26 May 2017
Where: CIDAUT, Valladolid
Contact person: Oscar Martin Perez