Four UDRIVE thematic webinars were held on 7 and 8 March 2017. The webinars successfully addressed the four topics with lively presentations and Q&A sessions after each presentation. All the presentations are available for download and you can consult them by clicking on the links below:


UDRIVE Webinar 1: Vulnerable road users
Organiser: Reinier Jansen, SWOV, the Netherlands

Driver-Cyclist interactions – Reinier J Jansen, SWOV
Driver-Pedestrian interactions – Tsippy Lotan, Or Yarok
Naturalistic research on Powered Two-Wheelers – Martin Winkelbauer, KFV

UDRIVE Webinar 2: Everyday driving
Organiser: Mandy Dortzauer, DLR, Germany

Brief overview of UDRIVE and WP42 – Mandy Dortzauer, DLR
Everyday driving: The influence of driver and environment characteristics on everyday driving behaviour – Daryl Hibberd, Leeds
Overtaking motorized traffic on rural roads – Eric Stemmler, DLR
Auto-confrontation – Laurette Guyonvarch, LAB and Helene Tattegrain, IFFSTAR

UDRIVE Webinar 3: Secondary tasks while driving
Organiser: Oliver Carsten, University of Leeds, UK

Introduction to the UDRIVE project and to the work on secondary tasks – Oliver Carsten, ITS-Leeds
Analytical approach: major research questions and data extraction – Oliver Carsten, ITS-Leeds
Auto detection of secondary tasks – Laurette Guyonvarch, LAB

➞ Click here to view the recorded webinar

UDRIVE Webinar 4: Eco-driving
Organiser: Veerle Heijne, TNO, the Netherlands

Introduction to eco-driving – Veerle Heijne, TNO
Data description and analysis plan – Veerle Heijne, TNO
Preliminary results – Veerle Heijne, TNO 

➞ Click here to view the recorded webinar