The fourth Associated Partner webinar will represent a Member State update. It will take place on 16 March 2017 from 10h30 to 12h00.

What are Associated Partners
All EU Member States are obliged to upgrade their PSAP for eCall in order to comply with the EU legislation. All interested parties, Member States and commercial organisations, that are not partners of the I_HeERO project are “Associated Partner”.

Associated Partners have access to a wide variety of “Reference implementations of eCall based on 112”. Member States will receive valuable information toward the PSAP upgrade and commercial organisations involved in eCall are allowed to test equipment or answer technical questions.

I_HeERO Project materials are made available through a document web portal.

How to become Associated Partner
Interested parties are requested to send an email to the I_HeERO Technical Implementation Officer, Andy Rooke – ERTICO – ITS Europe: Clearly explain your motivation and how you plan to contribute to the I_HeERO project. I_HeERO Consortium Partners must agree with your applications. The I_HeERO Steering Committee approves the applications.

Associated Partners Webinars
Associated Partners receive an invitation to the Associated Partners webinars organised by the I_HeERO project on a monthly basis. These webinars tackle various issues related to I_HeERO. Past webinars dealt with topics such as Architecture and costs for PSAP, and IVS and PSAP demonstration.

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