Universities have always played a leading role in human development, and thus have traditionally facilitated the work of institutions and organizations concerned with the advancement and exchange of cultural and scientific knowledge. They have created bridges between peoples and societies, reinforcing trust and mutual respect. Academic communities (students, faculty and administrators) have benefited from programs promoting cooperation and mobility, research, and capacity building.

EU instruments have contributed to the construction of a stable and effective environment of relationships that today is expressed by the numerous collaborations between universities and research institutes of the two shores of the Mediterranean area.

At a time of uncertainty in the Mediterranean region, the UNIMED WEEK IN BRUSSELS is an opportunity for a political reflection about the role of the European Parliament and the European Union in the Mediterranean region, involving the Euro-Mediterranean academic and research communities. It provides a pause for the evaluation of regional policies, through a rich set of multidisciplinary and diversified perspectives.The UNIMED WEEK will build and integrate public and private inputs at international, regional and national and regional levels.

The outcomes will include a set of policy making recommendations for EC services, EU Parliament and main key-stakeholders in the Mediterranean, highlighting the challenges and changes needed to face them, through the development of a common Mediterranean generation able to tackle our common societal challenges and support a common knowledge and innovation space.

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