ITS (UK), the industry association for the UK Intelligent Transport Systems sector, has published a shorter and a longer version of pitches making the case for using ITS.

The content is plainly worded and avoids technical jargon and unexplained acronyms. The pitches are aimed at stakeholders with general transport knowledge and at political decision makers. Communicating the benefits of using technology without falling into the trap of praising the technology for its innate cleverness is not easy, but Dr John Walker of ITS (UK) Foundation Members the University of Southampton who led the editorial team, has managed it in these two documents.
Jennie Martin, Secretary General of ITS (UK), commented: “John and his team of volunteer contributors have done a great job of expressing how ITS can produce many benefits such as congestion reduction, safety improvements, simpler public transport journeys and reduced vehicle emissions, in a readable way and accessible to non-technologists. We will use these documents to promote understanding and use of ITS”.

Dr John Walker said:”Transport is essential to our personal and commercial lives, and brings many benefits. But it has downsides of congestion and pollution, and new infrastructure is expensive and environmentally unfriendly. ITS delivers transport improvements without extending physical infrastructure, saving money and reducing environmental impact. ITS services and products deployed on vehicles and infrastructure will improve road management, increase productivity and safety, reduce journey times and polluting emissions, simplify ticketing and payment and deliver better information, to improve mobility and accessibility across the board”.

For more information and to download the elevator pitch, click here.