Since 2010, every two years the Republic of Tatarstan hosts Russian’s largest conference on ITS; this 4th edition took place in Kazan on 25 and 26 February with the theme “Modern problems of life safety: Intelligent Transport Systems”.  Tatarstan Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov, Viktor Nilov, Head of the Central Division of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Rasmus Lindholm, Director of Communications & Advocacy, ERTICO – ITS Europe opened this year’s exhibition and conference to over 800 attendees.

“The topic of transport security is increasing every year and currently we are taking serious steps in this area to improve the legislation. This process is closely linked with the introduction of technological innovation with many systems being successfully developed in many Russian regions”. With these words Viktor Nilov explained why Kazan hosted the international event.

“For the development of intelligent transport systems for the last 7 years, the European Commission has allocated 5.6 billion Euros, not counting the money which was isolated by the EU countries themselves” – Rasmus Lindholm, explained about the relevance of funding for ITS and transport infrastructures.

In addition to many Russian companies, organisations and companies from Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Germany, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the United States and Finland were present at the conference.