Paris, October 1st 2014 – Mediamobile, is offering proof of concept of its latest range of V-Traffic services on DAB by taking part in a pilot project for digital radio launched by automotive manufacturer Continental. The joint objective of this partnership – also involving the broadcaster VDL, Radio France, and local radios – is to deliver a practical illustration of the many advantages of DAB radio for the French automotive industry.

Continental’s full-scale experiment in Yvelines is designed to demonstrate how digital radio can provide a “high-definition” radio experience enriched with multimedia content – at the same time as improving drivers’ road safety and comfort.

For the experiment, Continental and its partners have set up a DAB radio network in Rambouillet, in the outskirts of Paris, featuring all the technical infrastructure needed to collect content and programmes, perform encoding – and broadcast. The broadcasted radio programmes and information services are picked up by and displayed on the embedded Continental system.

As well as providing radio programmes with HD sound and accompanying multimedia content, Continental’s on-board system offers two V-Traffic services, based on the TPEG1 protocol:

 Maps displaying traffic flow, travel speeds and congestions.

 Traffic alerts, providing drivers with real-time information about accidents, road closures, roadworks, breakdowns and other incidents.

DAB digital radio is a reliable way of accessing traffic news, irrespective of the car’s driving speed or the type of journey – and information is twenty times richer than the existing TMC technology.

Directed mainly at carmakers and institutional bodies with responsibility for digital radio in France, the demonstrations are being used to validate listening quality and receiver performance, as well as introduce users to new services and highlight the major potential of this technology in France for in-car use.

Digital Audio Broadcasting: a big step forward in quality and service

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) technology is already in widespread use in many European countries, including Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy and Norway. Since June 20th this year, France offers a broad range of digital radio programmes available in three cities: Paris, Marseille and Nice.

Designed for difficult reception conditions when on the move, especially in urban environments, DAB is perfect for in-car use. Continental and its partners have been working together to demonstrate that French terrestrial digital radio is reliable and ready to be extended nationwide, on the basis of the existing offering – with the added bonus of data services destined for motorists. This opens the way for a coherent service that is attractive for the car market.


1TPEG: TPEG is a protocol defined by the TISA consortium for providing drivers with traffic and travel information. The protocol is language and platform agnostic, and is easily adaptable to the various position location systems used worldwide.

V-Traffic/Mediamobile media contacts

Agneta Ronceret – Tel +33 1 58 68 60 95 Continental media contact Gaëlle Védrines – Tel +33 1 34 57 40 26

V-Traffic/Mediamobile media contacts

Agneta Ronceret –

Tel +33 1 58 68 60 95

Continental media contact

Gaëlle Védrines –

Tel +33 1 34 57 40 26