Valeo has partnered with the Japanese company NTT Docomo to jointly develop and offer next-generation connected-cars and mobility services.

Docomo works for the wide usage and promotion of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the automotive domain, among others, through the 5G mobile communication network planned for commercial use in 2020 and mobile networks such as IoT. Valeo is an automotive supplier developing technologies at the heart of the three revolutions shaping today’s automotive industry: electrification, autonomous and connected vehicles, and digital mobility.

Under the agreement, Valeo and Docomo will combine their respective expertise and solutions to offer telecommunication services and on-board equipment for connected cars, including next-generation mobility services in the era of 5G/V2X*, digital services for cars using smart phones, and enhanced controls for on-board equipment.

The two companies will jointly develop innovative products and solutions and will gradually offer new mobility services for connected cars, in order to create a further enhanced life on-board.

Source: Valeo