Accurate indoor maps can offer companies and building owners access to valuable, relevant information to gain that competitive edge, and provide customers with a more efficient, enjoyable method of using different indoor spaces, from shopping malls to airports.
We spoke with Denis Shamanin, a senior member of the HERE team driving the strategy and execution of HERE indoor solutions, who tells us more:

“Over the past two years, HERE has been working to transfer our experience with mobile cell and Wi-Fi-based outdoor positioning technology to indoor environments with standard Wi-Fi equipment and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.”

Denis describes how indoor requirements are different from outdoor because people behave differently. Outdoors, people typically want to move from A to B in as straightforward a way as possible, so navigation and information on mobility services like public transport is key.

Indoors, people are more open to exploration and serendipitous discoveries, so search and explore functions come to the fore, while routing to the location of interest remains relevant.

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