A Viajeo seminar under the theme “EU-Brazil Cooperation on Urban Mobility and ITS” was held in Rio on 2 June during the 10th edition of the Challenge Bibendum.

The seminar boasted the presence of Patrick Oliva Corporate Vice President of Michelin who welcomed the participants to Challenge Bibendum organised for the first time organised in Latin America.  Challenge Bibendum has grown into an extraordinary showcase of technological progress tackling also the issues of sustainable road mobility.

Other speakers included András Siegler (Director DG Research European Commission) Paulo Egler (Advisor Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology) and Ranger Kulveer (Advisor for Transport to the Mayor of London). Also present at the event were ERTICO partners Cobra Egis Mobilité Magnetti Marelli (FIAT Group) Mizar Kapsch and Volvo Technology.

Key conclusions of the seminar include:

  • EU and Brazil are looking for more balanced R&D cooperation on Urban Mobility and ITS. To enhance this international cooperation stakeholders need to turn it into a win-win activity and develop more institutionalised ties. For such developments the EU-Brazil Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation signed in 2005 and European Commission’s FP6 and FP7 Transport Research programme have had a fundamental contribution
  • London’s Summer Olympic Games 2012 and Torino’s Winter Olympic Games 2006 were presented as best practices for deployment of ITS and the participants discussed how ITS for large events can be used to improve the overall efficiency of mobility in cities. This topic was especially relevant to the Brazilian stakeholders present at the seminar as Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016
  • In addition to Urban Mobility management and operation and traveller information other priorities for EU-Brazil cooperation include Education and Training (for experts policy makers & investors) Integrated Intermodal Mobility services and promotion of common standards

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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010