In the scope of the Viajeo’s Athens demo site activities a workshop was organised on 12 October by INFOTRIP. The Athens demo site is led by INFOTRIP with the participation of MIZAR Automazione CERTH/HIT ANCO and Magnetti Marelli.

The objectives of the workshop were to bring together different authorities who have the responsibility of planning management and operation of the whole public transport fleet and network of Athens area and also authorities who have advisory character in the transport sector. The second objective was to hear the opinions of the participants regarding the existence of different data sources how these data sources could be integrated and managed what kind of services it would be valuable to be developed and generally how these authorities could contribute in a more efficient way to the Athens demo site and to the project in general.

Close to 20 people attended the workshop with attendance namely of the Ministry of Infrastructure Transport and Networks  Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) Attiko Metro SA Thessaloniki’s Urban Transport Authority and ITS Hellas.

Participants agreed that it is essential to develop an integrated information system which provides precise and reliable traffic information (trip travel time incidents road closed etc) to travelers. It was underlined that to achieve this it is essential to ensure that good communication channels exist among the relevant authorities (Attiko Metro OASA Tram) for the reporting and dissemination of traffic information and incidents.

Participants expressed particular interest for Viajeo’s objectives and that it would be useful for them to be informed at a later stage about the project’s improvement and Athens demo site’s implementation.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 27 Oct 2010